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A line In the Sand...

Hello Again my friends....

So last night I dyed my hair Chocolate Brown. And that is going to be the ONLY chocolate in my life! I haven't had brown hair for quite some time...Since I was down in My 120's. So im using it as maybe a catapult of inspiration, to motivate me, keep me on track, and fling me back into my 120's! Right? Right! So, the scale I have has two memories on it. Like it can remember two different weights. So I programmed number  ONE for my weight when I bought it, I was at a horrrrrid 165. So when I get on the scale now. it tells me what my weight was, what it is now, and what the difference is. I got on the scale, and im at 139.2 : / I knew I hadnt lost anything, but I guess i can be glad I didnt gain? Anyways, some how number TWO on my scale was programmed at 127.5. I dont know how, I dont know anyone else whos used my scale, so it should be at 0 right? Well i guess its  a sign, Maybe some inspiration from the EDNOS Gods! So I step on it, it says 127.5 then tell me im 139.2 and that I have to lose 11.7 pounds to be down to 127.5 Its kinda cool, just another way I can watch the numbers go down! Yay!

I was excited a little over a week ago, because I fit into the first of three "to small for me" skinny jeans. Tho the scale hasnt moved, those pants didnt fit 3 weeks ago. Wtf?! Im trying to hold onto that excitement and not get bummed that I dont fit into the 2nd pair of skinny jeans yet.

Yesterday I rounded off at 370 cals. Well that is you don't count my early AM B/Ping. Which I do : /

Today: IN


D-120???? EDIT 190 Cals

Total=420    EDIT 490 Cals

Today: Out:
( Anything that minus' calories)

-210 (30 min. Brisk walk) EDIT -105

Im going to try and update like this everyday. I have this excitement in my belly I haven't had in a long time!


No B/Ping

Burn atleast 200 cals in exercise!

Stay under 800cals on exercise days

Stay under 500 cals on non-exercise days

Take Acai every day before work!

Keep up the positive attitude!


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Those are really nice goals! :D I think mine are actually very similar! I think a positive attitude is the most important thing though! Every night in my real journal, I try to write down all the positive things that happened throughout my day, it honestly helps me rid negative feelings!!

How tall are you by the way?

I agree. I need to stay positive...all the time! And im between 5'2 and 5'3, but for goals sake i say 5'2 so my bmi will be more accurate in my mind. How tall are you sugar?

I'm 5'2 as well!

My weight is probably like 150. I'm too scared to step on the scale, but our weights are fairly similar. :)

Want to do some kind of challenge together?

Sweet! Yeah a challenge would be fun, a good motivater! What do ya have in mind darling? And I love your icon pix! Their always so damn pretty!

sometimes you can feel weight loss in your jeans before you see it on the scale! maybe next week you'll see the results ;)

Girl! That would be so nice! Lets cross our fingers!

OMG!! ive been talking about forever how i want to die my hair choco brown!!! im going to do it do. can i see a pic of yours?!

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