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I borrowed this from LITTLENAKE.XANGA.COM! ThaNx hun!

-Green Iced Tea
Tall size = 60 calories
-Iced Caffe Latte with Nonfat Milk
Grande size = 100 calories
-Coffee Frappuccino Light (no whip)
Tall size = 110 calories
-Espresso Frappuccino Light
Tall size (no whip) = 100 calories
-Tazo Green Tea Lemonade
Tall size = 90 calories
-Nonfat Tazo Green Tea Latte
Tall size = 150 calories
-Nonfat Cappuccino
Tall size = 60 calories
-Nonfat Caffe Latte
Tall size = 100 calories
-Nonfat Caramel Macchiato
Tall size = 140 calories
-Soy Tazo Chai Tea Late
Tall size = 170 calories
-Nonfat caffe Mocha (no whip)
Tall size = 170 calories
-Nonfat Sugar-free Vanilla Latte
Tall size = 90 calories
-Nonfat Vanilla Creme (no whip)
Tall size = 150 calories
-Caffe Americano
Tall size = 10 calories

I hope these helped =)

TIP 3:
Does your family/friends take you out for fast food a lot and you find yourself freaking out because everything is so greasy? I've looked up some popular fast food menus and put the most healthy things I could find to get so you won't be questioning! =) (Obviously for a drink get a diet soda pop or water.)

Side salad, no dressing: 35
Ceasar Side Salad, no dressing or croutons: 70
Deluxe Garden Salad, no dressing: 110
Or, if you need dressing, get the fat-free kinds and dip instead of pouring it all over =)
Mandarin Orange cup: 80
Lowfat Strawberry yogurt: 90
Ultimate Chicken grill (no toppings, and take the bun off, just eat the chicken): 110
Small Chili, no cheese: 210

Taco Bell:
Pintos n Cheese: 180
Mexican rice: 190
Grillen chicken soft taco: 200
Grilled steak soft taco: 200
Taco Supreme: 210
Tostada: 290

Garden Salad: 70
Side Salad: 25
Roast Chicken Salad: 160
Grilled Chickn Salad: 210
Light Grilled Chicken: 280
Light Roast Chicken Deluxe: 260
Light Roast Turkey Deluxe: 260

Burger King:
Garden Salad, no dressing: 25
Chicken Caesar Salad, no dressing or croutons: 160

Chicken Whopper Jr. (NO MAYO): 270
Veggie Burger (NO MAYO): 290
Whopper Jr. (NO MAYO): 310
Hamburger: 310

Tender Roast Sandwitch, no sauce: 270
Corn on the Cob: 150
Green Beans: 45
Mean Greens: 70
Mac & Cheese: 180

Garden Salad, no dressing: 100
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, no dressing: 100
Chef Salad, no dressing: 150
English Muffin: 150
Hamburger: 280
Lowfat Apple Bran Muffin: 300
Fruit N Yogurt, no granola: 280
Vanilla reduced fat ice cream cone: 150


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