Liquid fast!

Im on a liquid fast today after yesterdays hell! Its 439pm here and ive been up since six am, so not so bad. For me anyways! lol just got done with my docs and now im waiting for my Rx! My head feels like its going to explose, and like my legs are going to fall off! My face is all super bloated :/ i took a million pix to confirm! lol ill update later. Hope your all well! xx Dani

A line In the Sand...

Hello Again my friends....

So last night I dyed my hair Chocolate Brown. And that is going to be the ONLY chocolate in my life! I haven't had brown hair for quite some time...Since I was down in My 120's. So im using it as maybe a catapult of inspiration, to motivate me, keep me on track, and fling me back into my 120's! Right? Right! So, the scale I have has two memories on it. Like it can remember two different weights. So I programmed number  ONE for my weight when I bought it, I was at a horrrrrid 165. So when I get on the scale now. it tells me what my weight was, what it is now, and what the difference is. I got on the scale, and im at 139.2 : / I knew I hadnt lost anything, but I guess i can be glad I didnt gain? Anyways, some how number TWO on my scale was programmed at 127.5. I dont know how, I dont know anyone else whos used my scale, so it should be at 0 right? Well i guess its  a sign, Maybe some inspiration from the EDNOS Gods! So I step on it, it says 127.5 then tell me im 139.2 and that I have to lose 11.7 pounds to be down to 127.5 Its kinda cool, just another way I can watch the numbers go down! Yay!

I was excited a little over a week ago, because I fit into the first of three "to small for me" skinny jeans. Tho the scale hasnt moved, those pants didnt fit 3 weeks ago. Wtf?! Im trying to hold onto that excitement and not get bummed that I dont fit into the 2nd pair of skinny jeans yet.

Yesterday I rounded off at 370 cals. Well that is you don't count my early AM B/Ping. Which I do : /

Today: IN


D-120???? EDIT 190 Cals

Total=420    EDIT 490 Cals

Today: Out:
( Anything that minus' calories)

-210 (30 min. Brisk walk) EDIT -105

Im going to try and update like this everyday. I have this excitement in my belly I haven't had in a long time!


No B/Ping

Burn atleast 200 cals in exercise!

Stay under 800cals on exercise days

Stay under 500 cals on non-exercise days

Take Acai every day before work!

Keep up the positive attitude!



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Day 1: 500 calories (or less)   
Day 2: 500 calories (or less)
3: 300 calories
4: 400 calories
5: 100 calories
6: 200 calories
7: 300 calories
8: 400 calories
9: 500 calories
10: Fast
11: 150 calories
12: 200 calories
13: 400 calories
14: 350 calories

15: 250 calories
16: 200 calories
17: Fast
18: 200 calories
19: 100 calories
20: Fast
21: 300 calories
22: 250 calories
23: 200 calories
24: 150 calories
25: 100 calories
26: 50 calories
27: 100 calories

28: 200 calories
29: 200 calories
30: 300 calories
31: 800 calories
32: Fast
33: 250 calories
34: 350 calories
35: 450 calories
36: Fast
37: 500 calories
38: 450 calories
39: 400 calories
40: 350 calories
41: 300 calories

42: 250 calories
43: 200 calories
44: 200 calories
45: 250 calories
46: 200 calories
47: 300 calories
48: 200 calories
49: 150 calories
50: Fast



I borrowed this from LITTLENAKE.XANGA.COM! ThaNx hun!

-Green Iced Tea
Tall size = 60 calories
-Iced Caffe Latte with Nonfat Milk
Grande size = 100 calories
-Coffee Frappuccino Light (no whip)
Tall size = 110 calories
-Espresso Frappuccino Light
Tall size (no whip) = 100 calories
-Tazo Green Tea Lemonade
Tall size = 90 calories
-Nonfat Tazo Green Tea Latte
Tall size = 150 calories
-Nonfat Cappuccino
Tall size = 60 calories
-Nonfat Caffe Latte
Tall size = 100 calories
-Nonfat Caramel Macchiato
Tall size = 140 calories
-Soy Tazo Chai Tea Late
Tall size = 170 calories
-Nonfat caffe Mocha (no whip)
Tall size = 170 calories
-Nonfat Sugar-free Vanilla Latte
Tall size = 90 calories
-Nonfat Vanilla Creme (no whip)
Tall size = 150 calories
-Caffe Americano
Tall size = 10 calories

I hope these helped =)

TIP 3:
Does your family/friends take you out for fast food a lot and you find yourself freaking out because everything is so greasy? I've looked up some popular fast food menus and put the most healthy things I could find to get so you won't be questioning! =) (Obviously for a drink get a diet soda pop or water.)

Side salad, no dressing: 35
Ceasar Side Salad, no dressing or croutons: 70
Deluxe Garden Salad, no dressing: 110
Or, if you need dressing, get the fat-free kinds and dip instead of pouring it all over =)
Mandarin Orange cup: 80
Lowfat Strawberry yogurt: 90
Ultimate Chicken grill (no toppings, and take the bun off, just eat the chicken): 110
Small Chili, no cheese: 210

Taco Bell:
Pintos n Cheese: 180
Mexican rice: 190
Grillen chicken soft taco: 200
Grilled steak soft taco: 200
Taco Supreme: 210
Tostada: 290

Garden Salad: 70
Side Salad: 25
Roast Chicken Salad: 160
Grilled Chickn Salad: 210
Light Grilled Chicken: 280
Light Roast Chicken Deluxe: 260
Light Roast Turkey Deluxe: 260

Burger King:
Garden Salad, no dressing: 25
Chicken Caesar Salad, no dressing or croutons: 160

Chicken Whopper Jr. (NO MAYO): 270
Veggie Burger (NO MAYO): 290
Whopper Jr. (NO MAYO): 310
Hamburger: 310

Tender Roast Sandwitch, no sauce: 270
Corn on the Cob: 150
Green Beans: 45
Mean Greens: 70
Mac & Cheese: 180

Garden Salad, no dressing: 100
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, no dressing: 100
Chef Salad, no dressing: 150
English Muffin: 150
Hamburger: 280
Lowfat Apple Bran Muffin: 300
Fruit N Yogurt, no granola: 280
Vanilla reduced fat ice cream cone: 150



SUNDAY 02-21-10

Food: 2-2 (Had to sit at the table during a BIG family and only had three small bites of tomatoe sauce!)

Water: 2-2 (100+ oz. water/ 60oz. other)

Exercise: 0-2 (only mopped my shop for a half hour this am, didnt burn enough to count)

Post:  2-2 (I couldnt post the last two nights because my neighbor put a password on his wi-fi and I couldnt piggy back! : / )

Challenge:  2-2 (I had a fun chickday and lets loose with my mom, then re-organized my closet!)

GOALS FOR THE WEEK      (22nd to the 28th)

* A loss of 4lbs. minimum
* Consume no candy or junk food ( NO Mamba's!)
*Limit Diet Pepsi intake ( To much carbonation bloats me or makes me retain water)
*Consume MOST if not ALL calories in liquid form!
* MONDAY: 400 cals/100oz. water
*TUESDAY:550 cals/100oz. water
*WEDNESDAY: 400 cals/100oz. water
*THURSDAY: 300 cals/80oz. water
*FRIDAY:300 cals/80oz. water
*SATURDAY: 300 cals/80oz. water
*SUNDAY: Liquid fast

I HAVE to stick to this plan for the week! I am spending 36+ hours straight ALONE with the guy I like and I need to lose as much weight as possible! Anyone want to join me on my quest this week?! Wish me luck!






^^^^^Im going to keep Tracl of my 28dayplan On my posts as well as on their page. Saw some amazing THINSPO today on RIBSBONESSTARES page! Check it out! ^^^^^


Food: 1 (Only went over by 60 or so cals)

Water:2 (I always drink atleast 5- 20oz. botlles of water)

Exercise:1 (I turn my job into a cardio session, but its not as good as the gym)

Challenge: 2 (Asked a guy out for tonight!)

Post: 2

Im going over to the house of a guy I like tonight... I asked him on a Movie Date... Im super nervous around him. Hes the first guy Ive been sexually attracted to in like 2 years, and im usually way to self consious to date or hangout with men. Well wish ,e luck!

Heading into work...

I work the grave shift at a local gas station and im getting ready to head in, Im left alone to run around and clean all night! Today Went pretty well, I had a low-fat yogurt 110 cals, coffee 5cals, 1 sugar free red bull 10cals, and 3 small mints 35cals. I weighted in another 4lbs under this morning aswell, so for once im feeling optimistic! Good luck and tons of love ladies!

xoxo dani
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Im Back...

Hello ladies, I want to apologize for not being here for the last couple of months to support you all. I sold my coffee shop, and lost my internet. But I just got another laptop so I will be on alot more often now. I hit a horrible rock in my weight loss about 3 or 4 months ago, but busted thru it about 4 weeks ago. Thank the stars! I have been doing much much better on my quest to the perfect body!  I have restricted myself to two 6oz. servings of low-fat liquid yogurt twice a day, black coffee with splends, and a TON of water. In the last four weeks I have managed to lose 15lbs! And my goal for the next week is 3lbs! I hope you all are staying strong and thin! LOVE TO YOU ALL!



: / Today has been ruff...I feel worse then I could ever imagine! Im at work, have been since 5 am! Ill be stuck here until 9 every other day. Except i get an hour break to go see my doc : ( arg! Im down another 2 lbs. I guess thats the upside to the shitty shit im going thru.

Todas intake-
1 cup black coffee with splenda: 0 cals
1/4 c cherrios: 25 cals
diet pepsi: o cals
2 sugar free red bull: 30 cals
a gazillion ounces of water: O CALS!

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Today's Intake

*1/2 c. skim milk-20 cals
*5 shot americano with sugar free caramel-0 cals
*sugar free gum-0 cals
*3 sugar free red bull's- 45 cals

Total by noon-65 cals

Today's Goal's

Stay sane!
*Mop the store 3 times (great exercise!)
*Stay sane!!!
*Don't punch anyone...
*Stay below 150 cals!!!
*weigh less tonight, then I did this morning.

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