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The Dish

15 October
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*Look For The Girl With The Broken Smile* Im a work a holic. haha Its not like there is much else to do around here, except sit/chat with friends at coffee shop.Im looking for, some friends who, just might understand me, and my twisted mind ; ),My days are long, and usually mentally exausting, so I love being, able to come on, LJ to vent about, evertything and I love, to chat so feel, free to drop me, a line and we, can email or text, if you need some, support/motivation or just want, to talk. dm_bateman@yahoo.com ME 5'3:GW1: 135LBS 23.9 BMI GW2: 130LBS 23 BMI **HAVE to be by midJuly!** GW3: 120LBS 21.3 BMI UGW: 103LBS 18.21 BMI (Im sure once I get closer to my goal it will change. But this it the PLAN for now!!!)
: ) yummy yummy, admiring skinny women, an empty belly, chatting and texting withother, chicas who need motivation, coffee, collar bones, dreaming of being thin, dying ppls hair, getting thin thin thin, hip bones!, make-up, my burning belly, smoking cigs, speed walking, sugar free red bull, thinspo, tobe thin thin thin!!!!!, watching charmed on dvd, working hard