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SUNDAY 02-21-10

Food: 2-2 (Had to sit at the table during a BIG family and only had three small bites of tomatoe sauce!)

Water: 2-2 (100+ oz. water/ 60oz. other)

Exercise: 0-2 (only mopped my shop for a half hour this am, didnt burn enough to count)

Post:  2-2 (I couldnt post the last two nights because my neighbor put a password on his wi-fi and I couldnt piggy back! : / )

Challenge:  2-2 (I had a fun chickday and lets loose with my mom, then re-organized my closet!)

GOALS FOR THE WEEK      (22nd to the 28th)

* A loss of 4lbs. minimum
* Consume no candy or junk food ( NO Mamba's!)
*Limit Diet Pepsi intake ( To much carbonation bloats me or makes me retain water)
*Consume MOST if not ALL calories in liquid form!
* MONDAY: 400 cals/100oz. water
*TUESDAY:550 cals/100oz. water
*WEDNESDAY: 400 cals/100oz. water
*THURSDAY: 300 cals/80oz. water
*FRIDAY:300 cals/80oz. water
*SATURDAY: 300 cals/80oz. water
*SUNDAY: Liquid fast

I HAVE to stick to this plan for the week! I am spending 36+ hours straight ALONE with the guy I like and I need to lose as much weight as possible! Anyone want to join me on my quest this week?! Wish me luck!




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