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^^^^^Im going to keep Tracl of my 28dayplan On my posts as well as on their page. Saw some amazing THINSPO today on RIBSBONESSTARES page! Check it out! ^^^^^


Food: 1 (Only went over by 60 or so cals)

Water:2 (I always drink atleast 5- 20oz. botlles of water)

Exercise:1 (I turn my job into a cardio session, but its not as good as the gym)

Challenge: 2 (Asked a guy out for tonight!)

Post: 2

Im going over to the house of a guy I like tonight... I asked him on a Movie Date... Im super nervous around him. Hes the first guy Ive been sexually attracted to in like 2 years, and im usually way to self consious to date or hangout with men. Well wish ,e luck!

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Love it!
Good luck dear!
And I envy you, I wish I could pass the day of 60 cals!

Thank you sweetie..going over by 60cals is horrible for me tho cuz Im only suppose to be consuming liqiuds and semi liquids and the 60cals I wasted was on solid food. BLEK. I feel super selfconsious now, We made out during the movie...and he turned me down for more : / how fat do I feel right now?!?!?!? I alreadt feel weird cuz hes so gorgeous and thin! How was your day?


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